What is Whimsy

We are a “delivery only” restaurant active in Milan with an international vision: we are the first in Italy to offer this service. Thanks to Deliveroo, we’ll bring our unique dishes directly from our kitchen to your table.

We’ve created our uncommon kitchen: we work in secret to experiment new recipes, combining high quality ingredients and creating a special menu for each extraordinary dish.

A Ghost Restaurant is first of all a culinary lab, made of experimentation and passion.

An hidden gastronomic lab: absolutely unconventional. 

Our brands meet the needs of today’s customers, increasingly oriented to food delivery. Our offer is focused on meals with a strong identity and high quality products, reinvented in urban and street terms, through an image and a communication inspired by the coolest current food trends.

Our Brands

Stay Salad is an exhortation to live lightly, without many thoughts, and savor your life in the smallest daily things.

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An explosion of colors and flavors in a single bowl. Rainbowl is the "nevermore without" bowl… you won't be able to ever live without it.

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The Poké ready-to-taste. We will bring Hawaii to your home with the most instagrammable poké ever.

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Contacts hello@whimsykitchen.com

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